Business in the Year 1789

Because of the innovation and technology, businesses have undergone so many adoption and evolution so they could meet the demand of their target market. Every decade, there should be something new and fresh, which will let the consumers adopt continuously, generation to generation, their fondness on a certain product or service.  But we have to remember, what business is like way back then, when everything is just simple and plain. We have to know how businessman overcome the challenges and trials that came along their way. And the year 1789 is not an exception on it.

1789 is a growing year for most of the businesses. That time global corporation which are operating  on foreign host countries ,which have dissimilar laws and cultures, ideologies and political institutions, commercial customs and practices were being confronted  of their various and unique ethical standards.  Businesses gauge it with their conduct and determine their specific moral responsibilities. It is a time where it is too tempting   to do the adoption with the theory of the ethical relativism. Through it, you could judge something is good morally or not.  During this period, New York City opens up new opportunities for different businesses.

This can be traced back into the Wall Street, which becomes the center of the finance all over the world within Federal Hall. US Congress opened up for their very first regular session right on April 6, 1789.  Bill of Rights was then debated and drafted.  It did not just end there.

America became the home of the biggest corporation and companies, which is recently led by Apple with its approximately ½ half trillion dollars for the tremendous number of iPad, iPhone as well as Macbook sales. Who have thought that Apple will stand through the test of the time? Aside from that, during these years, General Motors also started to establish its name. However, that bankruptcy event   assured that its reputation would be remembered forever.

On the other hand, JPMorgan Chase, the topbank within America does hold more than $2.5 trillion in terms of assets.  This amount is really bigger with 10% of the yearly US economy.  This huge bank is already old since it was built when New York just have 100,000 citizens.  On the other hand, owne, which is currently integrated on   RR Donnelley, a communication service firm was striving hard at this point, and expanded from their origin of printing materials for colonist prior on the Declaration of Independence.  Right now, they are known for providing communication, financial and marketing services.  Its excellence and hard work no doubt yield more billions of dollars into their company.

These are some of the businesses in the year 1789.  Most of them are old enough yet they are still excellently competing on the global market.  This is made possible through brilliant minds behind them, which serves as the engine of a successful company. These companies only proves that over time, everyone could establish reputation and at the same time quality service.


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World View

Exploring Historical World Events in 1789

The world history in 1789 covers all important events from 3500 BC up to the present day. Here is the overview of what happens during this year.

During this period, Chinese Empire is the largest state in the world and the most populous and wealthiest. Chinese Empire experienced to run three of the most remarkable emperors in the history this year.

The next state that comes near when it comes to rivaling Chinese Empire is the British Empire. They are in the process of acquiring the large slices of India. With this turn of events, it has been made possible by decline of Moghul power in sub – continent. The chaotic situations allowed and caused the European nations to extend their influence from small toe-holds up to the India n cost. The rivalry set between different nationalities wherein Britain merged as leading power in India.

When it comes to politics, the offshoot of Europe in America has experienced unprecedented change. England, where the Glorious Revolution of 1688-9 led to the rights of individual citizens has been guaranteed by the law.  The principles of Britain led to rebellion against the American Colonies. But most of these broken away from the British rule and form a new nation that is designed by constitution which is now called United of States of America.

While in the west part, the Ottoman Empire remains as a huge state. The military and economic effectiveness has fallen behind the leading European nations. However, the government of Ottoman Empire has the capability to of the real reform. The ottoman sultans have been succeeded to modernizing their own empire to extent but there is a trouble that Europe is now in the process of transformation. It now entered stages of industrialization that greatly add to global effectiveness in coming decades.

Having this political momentum brought the Revolution in France that begins in 1789 that transform European political scene last.

The relentless change increases the flow of wealth in Europe but it cause misery to the countless millions. During this year, it starts The Atlantic Slave Trade wherein thousands of enslaved Africans sending in America each year to work in plantations.  With this trade, the European countries bring huge profit that helped the rise of new middle class to broaden the scope of their society. But they suffered from increased of attacks that turns for active Revolution.

Because of slave trade on Africa, the survivors had to build militarize their societies where it becomes virtual war zone. While the eastern parts of the continents become the new home of European societies and the other parts of the world, all were becoming under the control of Europe societies. Some Dutch established rule over East Indies and influence coastal enclaves from their trade with the native populations.

In East Asia, many societies notice the intrusion of the European. Trade to the west is limited in China, Macau, Canton, Japan and Korea. The powerful kingdoms continued their own trajectories. Like Thailand and Burma continue to rival while Vietnam expand south that is accompanied by civil wars.

The global picture of year 1789 is clear wherein the world is drawn in trading system based on Western Europe.

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